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Recovery is about PROGRESSION not PERFECTION

Meeting Online

Our meetings will be online using  Zoom, Microsoft Teams or WhatsApp.

Areas we might cover


Your Recovery Motivation.
Relapse Prevention.
Identifying your triggers and coping skills.
Building your resilience and navigating challenges.
Managing your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
Expanding your support network.
Developing your self-worth and a positive identity.
Challenging self-stigmatisation.
Planing and achieving goals to lead a balanced life.


My Background and Training

I have an international background, British/Singaporean and German. I spend time between both the UK and Germany (ich spreche Deutsch).

I have been working for a Homeless Persons Charity for over 10 years as a therapist, helping people with their Mental Health and Addiction Recovery. I volunteer for SMART Recovery, facilitating online global Meetings.

I have an MSc in the field of Occupational Therapy, specialising in Addiction Recovery.
I have continued to develop my skills as a Recovery Coach through Continual Professional Development, including a Diploma in Addiction Therapy.  

Currently, I am doing a Doctoral Research Project (PhD) in the fields of Addiction, Occupational Therapy and Psychology.

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