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Find Support and Empower Your Recovery: Closed Addiction Recovery Group Sessions and Services

Over the years, I’ve conducted hundreds of group addiction recovery sessions, primarily through SMART Recovery UK national meetings, sometimes hosting up to 100 participants. Witnessing the power of mutual support and the way individuals come together in these sessions is genuinely inspiring. Participants possess a profound understanding of the challenges that addiction recovery presents. This collective wisdom creates a unique environment for open discussion and learning from one another. Remember that the opposite of recovery is connection (Johann Hari).

While larger meetings can resemble radio phone-ins, smaller groups are often better suited for more personal and in-depth recovery support.

Introducing Private, Closed Group Recovery Sessions for 6-8 People

I’m now offering facilitated private, closed group recovery sessions for a smaller group size, ideally between 6-8 participants. These sessions offer an extra layer of confidentiality compared to traditional open groups. In a closed group, the same participants attend each week, fostering a sense of trust and camaraderie. You can be assured that the experiences and challenges you share will remain within the confines of the group.

Structured Yet Supportive: A Professional Approach to Recovery

I facilitate these sessions with a professional approach that balances structure with flexibility. Each session has a clear agenda, designed to explore relevant topics, introduce new recovery tools, and provide ample time for open discussion. This structure ensures we cover valuable ground while allowing the group to explore individual needs and experiences. My role is to guide the conversation, ensure everyone has a voice, and foster a safe space for both practical and emotional support.

Andy Mitchell Addiction Recovery Coach
Benefits of Closed Group Addiction Recovery Sessions

Closed group sessions provide a supportive and confidential environment where participants can share their experiences and challenges with an added layer of privacy. This fosters a strong sense of community, reduces feelings of isolation even further, and encourages open and honest sharing. As trust builds within the group, accountability naturally increases, and motivation to stay on your recovery journey flourishes. Participants benefit from the shared wisdom and encouragement of a consistent group who understand the unique challenges of their recovery journey.

Sharing and Learning About Recovery Tools

One of the key advantages is the opportunity for sharing and learning about recovery tools. These tools can range from practical techniques to manage cravings, strategies for maintaining progress on your recovery, to methods for improving mental health and well-being. In our sessions, we explore a variety of tools and approaches, such as cognitive-behavioural techniques, mindfulness practices, and lifestyle changes that support recovery.

  • Sharing experiences with different tools helps individuals articulate and reaffirm their strategies while providing valuable insights to others.

  • We also introduce and practice new recovery tools in the group, allowing participants to experience the benefits first-hand and understand how to integrate them into daily life.

Personalised Support and Professional Guidance

As a Professional Addiction Recovery Coach and a specialist in Addiction Recovery Therapy. I am dedicated to providing effective and confidential Addiction Recovery UK services. Whether you are looking for Addiction Recovery Coaching, Addiction Counselling UK, or secular recovery coaching, my approach is tailored to support your unique journey towards recovery.

Each session is designed to equip you with practical tools and strategies for long-term recovery, while offering personalised support and professional insights.

Invest in Your Recovery:Affordable Support Groups

These closed group sessions are affordable, making them accessible to a wider range of individuals seeking support on their recovery journey. The program lasts for six weekly sessions, providing a focused and supportive environment to develop the skills and strategies you need to thrive in your recovery.

Complementary Support: How Groups Work Alongside Recovery Coaches

These closed group sessions can complement other recovery efforts, including working with a recovery coach like myself. The group provides a safe space for shared experiences and peer support while working with a coach allows you to develop a personalised recovery plan and receive ongoing guidance and accountability.

Join a Closed Group or Explore Individual Services

If you are interested in joining a small, private, closed group session (limited to 6-8 participants) or want more information about my services, including addiction recovery coaching and counselling, please don’t hesitate to email me. Together, we can work towards a healthier future on your recovery journey.