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Your Sober Companion

There is little difference between a recovery coach and a sober companion apart from the level and frequency of the support offered. As your dedicated sober companion, I am here to provide consistent support and guidance throughout your recovery journey. Whether you need regular online meetings, daily motivational check-ins, or specialised sessions, I offer various services tailored to your unique needs.

The Role of a Sober Companion

A sober companion plays a vital role in addiction recovery, offering more continuous support and accountability. My services are designed to help you maintain sobriety and navigate the challenges of recovery. Here’s how I can assist you:

  • Weekly or More Frequent Online Meetings

    Regular communication is essential in recovery. I offer weekly or more frequent online meetings to discuss your progress, address any challenges, and provide motivation. These sessions are flexible to fit your schedule and ensure you receive the support you need.

  • Daily Short Accountability and Motivational Check-Ins

    Consistency and accountability are essential to successful recovery. I provide daily short check-ins to keep you motivated and focused on your goals. These quick yet effective interactions help you stay on track and reinforce positive habits.

  • Recovery Conversational Nature Walks

    Sometimes, a change of environment can be beneficial. I offer recovery conversational nature walks where we can discuss your progress and challenges in a relaxed, natural setting. These walks provide a therapeutic and calming backdrop for our conversations. (Please contact me for availability)

  • Travel Companion Services

    Recovery can be particularly challenging during travel. On request, I can accompany you on trips, ensuring you have the support and accountability needed to maintain your sobriety. As your travel companion, I help you navigate new environments and situations without compromising your recovery. (I have limited availability for these. Please let me know your plans for a quick response)

  • Recovery Packages available 
    Please contact me directly for addiction recovery packages that include a combination of longer sessions and daily check-ins. 

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Andy Mitchell Addiction Recovery Coach
Why Choose My Services?

Choosing the right sober companion is crucial for your recovery journey. Here’s why my services stand out:

  • Personalised Support

    I tailor my approach to meet your specific needs. Whether through regular online meetings, daily check-ins, or specialised sessions, I provide the personalised support necessary for your success.

  • Professional and Confidential Service

    As a professional addiction recovery coach, I maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism. Your privacy is always respected, ensuring a safe and secure environment for your recovery process.

  • Secular and Evidence-Based Approach

    My services are grounded in evidence-based methods. I provide secular recovery coaching, focusing on proven strategies and therapies that facilitate long-term recovery.

  • Comprehensive Range of Services

    From addiction recovery therapy and addiction counselling to more specialised services like nature walks and travel companionship, I offer a comprehensive range of support options to suit your needs.

Start Your Journey Today!

If you’re looking for a reliable, professional addiction recovery coach in the UK, I am here to help. Contact me today to learn more about my services as a sober companion and start your journey towards lasting recovery. Together, we can achieve your recovery goals with consistent, personalised support.

Experience the difference that a dedicated sober companion can make. Your path to recovery begins here.