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So, after years of relying on drink as my ‘friend’, I realised my relationship with alcohol had become extremely toxic and was doing far more damage than good. It was threatening my home life with my family, work and both mental health and physical wellbeing. After hours of painstaking research, I came across Andy. Although, I initially put off contacting him for months, I am so pleased I ‘took the leap’.

One of the best decisions I have ever made. I was extremely nervous before the first session. Ready to be judged, and finally face my wrath. None of that happened. Within minutes I felt at ease, heard and understood. I felt I could pretty much instantly trust Andy with anything without fear of him judging me. He has walked the path and is more than qualified to help anyone on their journey. We have since built up a great rapport and I look forward to our weekly meetings. He has talked me through a number of strategies that I have used to great effect.

Without these strategies, I would 100% have caved and be back on the drink. He has introduced me to meetings that I now attend weekly. I feel I have great support around me, which is helping massively. He has taught me to be gentler with myself, which has massively improved my relationship with myself and my home life, as I am becoming calmer and more understanding of my children. I have tried many other methods to stop drinking but they just haven’t worked. Andy is polite, understanding and the fact that he is living proof that you can achieve sobriety is an inspiration. I would highly recommend Andy to anyone who is thinking about stopping drinking, no matter how nervous you feel. He will offer you the support and connections you need without judgement. 5*