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Andy saved my blooming life. He coached me out of a dark period using really practical recovery tools. Non-judgemental, present and attentive, he gave me loads of space and always held the belief that I could do it. And when it was time he encouraged me just to move on and set myself free. I’m […]


I can’t thank Andy enough for helping me turn my life around with his fantastic support and compassionate approach to recovery coaching. I have been through various programs and help services but to no avail. After my first meeting with Andy I knew I’d finally found the help I needed and saw a light at […]


Andy’s help was instrumental in me achieving a really meaningful positive transformation in my life. I can’t recommend him strongly enough. Thanks Andy!


Working with Andy has been really helpful. His friendly and knowledgeable approach makes sessions enjoyable and helps to build my confidence. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who wants creative support to enhance their recovery journey


So, after years of relying on drink as my ‘friend’, I realised my relationship with alcohol had become extremely toxic and was doing far more damage than good. It was threatening my home life with my family, work and both mental health and physical wellbeing. After hours of painstaking research, I came across Andy. Although, […]


Andrew was utterly brilliant helping me through my journey to recovery. His person centred approach spoke to my individual needs and supported me just when I needed it. Thank you


Andy has a huge amount of knowledge and compassion and has provided me with the insight to take control of my own recovery again. I have been in recovery for over 10 years from alcoholism but had substituted my drug of choice 7 years ago and become increasingly trapped in the cycle of fear and […]


Amazing person, really felt that he understood my problem with no judgement and from around 10 minutes in I was sure he was the one to help me with my continued improvement!


I’ve done a number of weekly sessions with Andy, and he has been brilliant from the start. He’s catered exactly to my needs, and made an extremely comfortable and productive environment for me. The tools he’s given me help me every day, and I always look forward to his sessions.